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     Fun Chinese Camp

Take a break from school and come join our Mandarin camp and enjoy the fun and enrichment during Spring, Summer or
Winter! Meet new friends and be part of a great Mandarin experience! This camp is a unique Chinese immersion educational
program that builds competency in Mandarin Chinese language, and cultivates appreciation of the Chinese culture.

For non-Chinese heritage students, the program uses materials, "Step by Step Chinese Proficiency", which are professionally
designed by All About Mandarin and had been practiced in many schools, to enhance students' proficiency of Mandarin
(Chinese) as a foreign language. For Chinese heritage students, the program uses materials that are currently being used in
elementary schools in China. Our campers will discover the fun in learning Chinese through activities such as singing, role
playing, story-telling, cooking, games making crafts to learn and recognize Chinese characters, calligraphy, Kong Fu dance and
much more! Come experience a "stay" in China through learning and interacting with our native Chinese instructors.

The AAMA campers will also have a chance to act out on stage! They will play well-known American stories in Chinese, and will
learn to properly pronounce and enunciate new vocabulary while performing for their family and friends. Immersion oral
practice, fun academy learning, songs, short plays, games, acting on stage and more -- come join us and enjoy this wholesome
excitement from the AAMA immersion camps!

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