Shen Zhen City
Da Mei Sha Wan Ke Dong Hai An 2 Period 50 Dong
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Hua Dong Region 华东区:

+Shang Hai City
Chen-Jia-Zui Financial Center, Pudong District
+Hang Zhou City
Bing Sheng Rd., Bing Jiang District
+Nan Jing City
Zhu Jiang Rd., Xuan Wu District
+He Fei City
Dong Yi Huan Rd., Yao Hai District
+Wen Zhou City
Yang Fu Shan Rd., Lu Cheng District

+Guang Zhou City
Wu Shan Rd., Tian He District
+Shen Zhen City
Shen Nan Ave., Nan Shan District
+Nan Ning City
Min Zu Ave., Qing Xiu District
+Hai Ko City
Bing Hai Ave., Xiu Ying District
+Zhu Hai Center
Feng Huan Bei Rd., Xiang Zhou District
+Shan Tou Center
Zhao Yang Zhuang Bei Dist., Long Hu District

Hua Zhong Region 华中区:

+Wu Han City
Wu Luo Rd., Hong Shan District
+Chang Sha City
Wu Yi Ave., Fu Rong District
+Nan Chang City
Hong Gu Zhong Ave., Hong Gu Tan Xin District
+Zheng Zhou City
Dong Feng Rd., Jin Shui District

Hua Bei Region 华北区:

+Bei Jing City  
Xue Yuan Nan Rd., Hai Ding District
+Tian Jin City
Ming Zu Rd., He Bei District
+Tai Yuan City
Wu Yi Rd., Xin Hua Ling District
+Hu He Hao Te City
Zhong Shan Rd., Inner Mongolia
+Shi Jia Zhuang City
Wan Da Square., Yu Hua District

+Chong Qin City
Yuan Jia Gang Ao Ti Center, Jiu Long Po District
+Chen Du City
Ren Ming Nan Rd., Chen Du City
+Kun Min City
Tong De Kun Min Square, Pan Long District
+Gui Yang City
Nan Ming District, Gui Yang City

Xi Bei Region西北区:

+Xi An City
Chang An Zhong Rd., Yan Ta District

Dong Bei Region 东北区:

+Ha Er Bin City
Jin Jue Wan Xiang, Nan Gang District
+Chang Chun City
Sheng Tai Da Str., Nan Guan District
+Shen Yang City
Wan Da Square, Hun Nan Xin District
+Da Lian City
Hui Zhan Rd., Sha He Ko District

Dong Nan District 东南区

+Qing Dao City
Dong Hai Xi Rd., Shi Nan District
+Xia Men City
Xia He Rd., Si Ming District
+Ji Nan City
Shan Da Rd., Li Xia District
+Fu Zhou City
Wu Yi Zhong Rd., Gu Lou District
Not only that, our camps have much more to offer:

Innovative curriculum ensures campers a rich and cultural immersion.
Professional and friendly staff provides a safe place (physically, emotionally, psychologically) that puts kids first
Learning and practicing the language in a native speaker and fun environment
Enhancing campers motivation learning Mandarin in the long run.

Campers will homestay in Chinese families, where they can be at the closest to the language and culture.
Campers will make friends, feel good about one's self, have fun, share in values of cooperation, effort, leadership, courage,
responsibility, creativity, independence.

Our promise
We want our campers to learn new skills and we challenge them to excel while having a blast! That's why we offer many different types
of camps and fun activities. This allows AAMA to be a sports camp for kids, an art camp for kids, or just about anything they can think
Our camps arrange campers in the group where Chinese are the majority. The communication means will be Mandarin,
and the arrangement is also based on campers' level and preferences.
Our camps are at reasonable and affordable price that you will want to send your kids over every year!

Who can join?
Ideal age for our campers is 12+. Campers under 12 will require one adult, the adult can also stay at the home-stay family.

How to join?
Contact Information:
(US) 1-858-205-7263
(China toll free) 400-656-0616




一.        我们团队希望孩子能学习新技巧并有愉快的时光,因此我们提供了多元的营队,包含球类运动,艺术欣赏,语言学习,文化交流,团
二.        AAMA举办的夏令营课程及活动设计都是针对非华裔孩子量身訂作,避免中西学习方式的差异带来负面的压力,让孩子能够轻松融入新
三.        我们的营队价格合理,让家长能够轻松负担,每年都能参加营队!
四.        我们的营队将非华裔孩子与中国孩子放在同一营队,中国孩子占大多数,主要的沟通方式是用中文,而非像是有些‘国际夏令营‘,在非


(美国) 1-858-205-7263
(中国免付费) 400-656-0616